WIGAN FC appoint Anti-Ramraid UK Ltd for protection & security

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After completing a nearby installation for a business close to Wigan Athletic FC Football Ground the Commercial Manager of WIGAN Athletic FC approached Anti-ramraid UK Ltd Owner/Director Phil Hardy for a quote to install security posts around the ground and so assisting in upgrading the protection in front of the Football Clubs offices and Supporters Shop.

Anti-ramraid UK Ltd were duly appointed and WIGAN Athletic FC are delighted with the finishing touches that the Anti-ramraid UK Ltd team provided and the timely fashion in which the work was carried out.

Phil Hardy stated afterwards ” we hope more business’s and Football Clubs either Professional, Semi-Professional or local parks see from this appointment and the finished article what we offer and contact us, so that a member of the business development team can get in touch”. The best way to do this would be to fill in the “request for a free site survey” section on our web home page or by clicking on “request a visit” or by giving Phil a call on 07540 173086.

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