Leicester Park N Ride get’s the Anti-Ramraid protection treatment!

Leicester City Council appointed Anti-Ramraid UK Ltd to help them overcome a problem at the Birstall, Leicester park’n’ride facility just off the busy A46 outer ring road, where they faced “travellers” using caravans and tall vans to hold the automatic parking barriers open to allow many vehicles to gain access to the out of town car park. Obviously this caused great concern for those wanting to use the park’n’ride services as well as at times inconvenience and delays for would be shoppers.

Anti-Ramriad UK Ltd had already installed the “secure hoop barriers” around the parking area but the council now needed a solution to prevent the “travellers” being able to access the automatic barriers, so after the free survey was conducted by Anti-Ramraid UK Ltd owner/Director Phil Hardy and his team it was suggested that “height” restrictive security barrier/posts were installed.

Leicester City council agreed that this was a great solution and promptly appointed Anti-Ramraid UK Ltd as the installer of choice which achieved the desired result and now customers who want the security of leaving their cars at the Birstall park’n’ride whilst shopping in Leicester City shopping malls can do so with peace of mind.

Take a look at the photo’s below and also of some of the other installations we have made during the past year or so.

For Anti-Ramraid UK Ltd no job is too small or large and location isn’t a problem either as we have very happy clients all over the UK, so either give Phil a call on 07540 173086 or request a visit and free survey via our webpage, and also take a look at our social media pages at Linked-in for Business as well as twitter and facebook -don’t forget to “LIKE” our page at Anti-Ramraid UK Ltd@antiramraidukltd

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birstall-parknrideBirstall Park’n’Ride Height Restriction Barriers

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